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Camp Westerbork stands for the story of the murder of 102.000 people: a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother, an uncle, an aunt, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, a friend, a neighbour, a classmate. And it’s the story of 5.000 survivors. Unique stories of every person with a name, a face, a family.

It’s important to us to keep telling these stories. To do so, we need your support.

There are several possibilities to support our work. Because Camp Westerbork has been designated as an ANBI by the Ministry of Finance, the donation is free from taxes. Therefore our Commemoration Centre will fully benefit from your donation.

Camp Westerbork only receives 25% of its annual income from the government. This means that many activities and projects are only possible with your support.

You can support us by making a donation in our museum or donate to our bankaccount NL28RABO 0306 5848 32 (Commemoration centre Camp Westerbork).

  • European Heritage Label
  • Unesco

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