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Leo-Salo-Leo fund

Children under the age of 10 can also pay a meaningful visit to Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre. From a very young age, a child can learn to feel what injustice and violence are, and what humanity means. This can be done through stories. The Leo-Salo-Leo Fund was founded in order to give substance to the words spoken by pedagogue Dr. Ido Abram.
The Leo-Salo-Leo Fund is meant to develop educational programs, projects and activities for children under the age of 10 who visit Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre.

Leo Blumensohn (1921- 1993)
Leo fled from Germany to the Netherlands in December 1938. He was the first to be registered in Central Refugee Camp Westerbork in October 1939. During his four-year stay, he made an important contribution to the formation of youth in the camp. In early 1944, he was deported to Theresienstadt, and from there, he went to Auschwitz. After the war ended, he settled in Israel. He had not lost his faith in humankind.

Salo Carlebach (1919-1942)
Salo taught Jewish education in Westerbork, which at that point served as a transit camp. He had been sent to the camp by the Jewish Council to fulfil that position. Salo Carlebach was an exceptional man and he loved children very much. Together with Leo Blumensohn, he led the Schülerkreis. The first deportation train left Westerbork on 15 July 1942. At the last moment, the camp commander decided to add another group of prisoners: 51 children from the camp's orphanage. Salo Carlebach decided to accompany the children voluntarily. They were all murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Leo Meijer (1935-1944)
In September 1942, Leo Meijer arrived in camp Westerbork with his parents. He would stay there for two years. During that time, Leo made many drawings which were smuggled out of the camp by his father. A special Sinterklaas poem he wrote has also been preserved. On 4 September 1944, Leo and his parents were put on transport to Theresienstadt. From there, the train went to Auschwitz. At the beginning of October 1944, 9-year-old Leo was murdered there.

A contribution can be transferred to NL28RABO 0306 5848 32, in the name of Memorial Centre Camp Westerbork. Please mention Leo Salo Leo-Fonds in the description field.

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