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Organization overview

Organisation (MT)
Bertien Minco - director/director
Ine Scholten - business director
Roel Wiersma - head of operations
Christel Tijenk - head of resource center

Floor Oostra - Press and publicity (+316 15445969 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Supervisory Board
dhr. Peter den Oudsten
mw. Kai Pattipilohy
dhr. Harmen Peters - secretaris-penningmeester
mr. Ruben Vis

Advisory Board
dhr. Pieter Jan Wolthers - voorzitter
dhr. Boris van der Ham
mr. mw Judith van Kranendonk
dhr. Ernst Numann

A German volunteer has been working at Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre every year since 1995. He or she volunteers through the organisation Aktion S├╝hnezeichen Friedensdienste and works mainly for the Landelijk Steunpunt Gastsprekers (guest speakers and eyewitnesses), made possible thanks to a grant from the European Youth in Action Programme.

  • European Heritage Label
  • Unesco

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