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Jewish Labour Camps

On 9th January 1942, 2,000 Jewish men received correspondence that they had to report to the Jewish Council in Amsterdam. A day later they were in labour camps in the northern provinces, mainly working on mining activities for the Heidemij. After this first group followed many other Jewish men from other parts of the country. They were not prepared for the conditions in these camps since hard work on the land was almost completely unknown to most of the men. These camps, almost unknown in the history of the persecution of the Jews in our country, formed the start of the deportation route with the next destination being Westerbork.

The website tells the history of these Jewish labour camps. As well as a general history of the camps, the website lists them by province. For each camp, including its history, there is a description of any visible evidence, monuments and any material kept in archives. This website is an initiative from the Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre and various other groups including the Jewish Labour Camps Foundation.

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