Westerbork Portraits

102.000 people. In their last place of residence in the Netherlands - Westerbork - their memory is kept alive with the 102.000 stones. For every person; big, small, young, old, male, female, there is a stone:... ‘The Westerbork Portraits’ project wants to give each anonymous stone a name, a date and, with data from archives, a photograph and possibly the names of acquaintances. Pupils can help to collect the 102.000 portraits through historical research into the personal life of someone from their own neighbourhood. They can write that person’s story for the website, to help complete the story of the people. Thanks to the efforts of the students, this will become the virtual memory wall: ‘The Westerbork Portraits’.

The Memorial Centre provides guidance on remote archival research, sources for the classroom, contact with eyewitnesses, historical societies, etc.
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