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Former camp

At three kilometers from the Memorial Center, the former camp can still be found. In 1971, the last remaining barracks of Camp Westerbork were broken down. This historical place was hardly recognizable as a result. The former camp has been renovated to combat that fate. Now, slopes and reconstructions show the original size and place of a number of barracks.

Old paths and roads have been restored. The 102,000 Stones can be found at the Appellplatz: one stone for every deported person killed. On the camp terrain, National Monument Westerbork demonstrates the essence of Camp Westerbork in a penetrating manner. The Jerusalem Stone, the Signs in Westerbork and the Resistance Monument, Markering Schattenberg, are all reminders of the layered history of this place.

With the return of Barrack 56 in the spring of 2014, the renovation of the former camp with original elements began. The original living quarters of the camp commander were made visible and are now safeguarded under a glass cover. The building, dating from 1939, is the only remaining structure from this time and symbolizes the terror at the hands of the Nazis. 

Freight cars
In April 2015, two restored carriages returned to the former camp. The freight cars are at De Rampe, the place in Camp Westerbork where the trains left for the east to the extermination camps during the war. From the cars sound The Spoken Names, an audio monument for all those deported from the Netherlands. The train – in particular, the carriage – is a symbol of the persecution of the Jews. Two cars date from before 1945. It is known that these were used by the Nazis to transport prisoners and soldiers.

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