The Schattenberg Accommodation

  • 1951 Arrival 1951 Arrival In March 1951, the first group of Moluccan KNIL (Royal Dutch East Indies Army) soldiers and their families arrived at The Schattenberg. In 1951, Camp Westerbork changed function again, this time as temporary housing for several thousand Moluccans. MEER
  • Community Community Despite the great boredom among the men, The Schattenberg temporary housing made its own community and brought cohesion to its residents.MEER
  • The Outside World The Outside World Until 1956, The Schattenberg temporary housing was an isolated community. Things changed with the introduction of self-supervision in that year and the great fire two years later.MEER
  • Departure and Relocation Departure and Relocation In the late fifties, the government aimed to integrate the Moluccans into Dutch society and close the temporary housing. Camp Westertbork’s history of occupation ended with the departure of the last families early in 1971.MEER